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Toy guns for kids are very popular, especially for young boys. In recent years there have been some calls to ban guns for children, because it is thought that they might encourage violent behavior later on in life. However most people still believe that toy guns are a fun and a natural part of a male child's playing life. These guns are popular with boys and some girls as young as four years old, the fascination with these replica weapons can last well into the teens.

The history of toy guns can be traced back to the civil war after1865, although there were probably some options available before this. When the civil war was over, manufacturers of real weapons suddenly lost all demand for their products. They began to create cap guns instead which was a safe alternative. Instead of firing real bullets, these replica weapons fired tiny amounts of gunpowder which just created a noise.

toy gun

Since then there have been many different types of toy guns for kids manufactured. There have been different ways of making sounds such as the mechanics of the gun clicking loudly, or electronic sounds. Water guns have also become very popular especially in warmer climates or the summer months. The original toy guns were made out of wood or metal. Nowadays most toy guns for kids are manufactured using plastic materials.

There have been many different replica guns which fire ammunition too. One of the first versions was called the spud gun, which fired tiny pieces of potato when fired. Nowadays there are many toy guns for kids which fire plastic pellets, which are usually harmless. The old style guns which were made from wood or metal were much heavier than the plastic varieties available today. The plastic ones available today are very light and therefore considered much safer.

There is a very wide selection of toy guns for kids available. The fact that they are made out of plastic now has led to many different design shapes and colors. There are still traditional style pistols, but there are all now futuristic designs which have been influenced by science fiction movies. The more advanced models feature a variety of electronic sounds and sometimes lights within the gun too.

Some of the more popular toy guns for kids include AK47 replicas, water cannons, and a huge variety of pistols and other machine guns. These imitation weapons can often be bought with accessories such as holsters, plastic bullets, fake grenades and many other items of army apparel. Some children prefer the more traditional style guns, others prefer futuristic laser beam style weapons influenced by smash hit movies.

The general consensus amongst parents is that toy guns for kids are safe and not likely to encourage real violent behavior. However there are some people which do think it is a bad influence and therefore they restrict their children from playing with such toys. In Providence, RI for example, there is an annual party where kids are made to destroy their toy guns. Of course this is not popular at all with children, but it does prove that some parents have reservations about these kind of toys.